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Arbor View Veterinary Clinic

Senior Pet Health Screen Plan

You save 30% when you purchase the Senior Plan rather than purchasing individual tests and procedures

An old Golden Retriever is getting anesthesia before surgery.  One of the veterinarians is placing their hands over the dogs eyes on a medical table.

Safety Disclaimer

For the safety of our staff and the comfort of our patients certain pets that are aggressive or excessively anxious may require an injectable sedative. This sedative will only be given when deemed medically necessary by the attending veterinarian. The age, weight and overall physical condition of the patients will be taken into consideration when administering a sedative so that the maximum safety can be achieved.

Old lady holding cat


1. Office Visit & Exam

2. Senior Wellness Panel- Blood Chemistry- Blood cell count- Thyroid test- Urinalysis

3. Abdominal Ultrasound

4. Chest Radiographs

5. E. C. G.

6. Eye Tonometry

7. Blood Pressure

*Ask our friendly staff for currentpricing.